Hi..Welcome…Come on in…take a look around. 

Oh yes, you’re in the right place.


This is Kramer Kollection..we’ve just moved into a bigger and better location.

We’ve been in and around Florida for about 15 years or so offering some of the finest 

Crystal Nail Files in the world.  They’re imported by me (no, sir, no middle man here)

 directly from the Czech Republic.  They’re hand painted by me or one of my team members.

 You can go take a look at them in a minute.


But, first, I really need to tell you about all the incredible golf goodies waiting on the other side of that button. 

Yep! Personalized golf ball markers (made just for you!), hat clips…some stainless steel (no more rust spots)

 some are not…you can choose between a clip-on style or one with an alligator clip.  Those are just the

 basics …we’ve got eyeglass holders with ball markers, necklaces with ball markers..

oh..and I almost forgot the shoe clip…that’s right, it fits on the lace of your shoe..

you know you’ve got to go down there anyway.

And since we’ve moved and have so much more room now I’m going to be adding a variety of other products.  “What?” you ask.  It’s going to be a surprise for all of us…just don’t forget to come back again.

Oh yeah! My goal is to make you happy so you’ll come back again.

I can promise you that unless I fall down a hole that the Crystal Nail File and Golf Goodies will

 be shipped from Florida within 48 hours.

There are no returns on personalized items unless I make an error and then, of course,

 I’ll take care of it immediately.

Some of the new items may be coming from other parts of the USA and might take a little longer, but I’ll make sure to let you know a guesstimated delivery date.

Almost forgot about shipping…for purchases over $20.00 it’s FREE and under $20 (19.99) it’s just a piddling $2.00.