4-piece Crystal Nail file gift set with FREE Shiny Nail Buffer



For the gift that keeps on giving the 4-piece gift set with the BONUS Shiny Nail Buffer, is the answer.  Great for any occasion....birthday, holiday, friendship or just for no reason at all.

The set includes:  The FANTASTIC FOOT FILE...guaranteed to make your feet as soft and smooth as a baby's bottom.  Great for corns, calluses and hard crusty heels.  They're much kinder to your feet than a pumice stone or those horrid "cheese graters" that are often used in salons.

The most popular crystal nail file, the medium size, is also included.  A designer case will be there to protect your file.

A small travel size crystal nail file is part of the set.

‚ÄčAnd to round out the gift package is a specially formulated and designed buffer to help remove ridges and make the nails shiny....an all-time favorite.

Crystal nail files leave your nails smooth.  They help prevent splitting, cracking and peeling.  They don't pull burrs like an emery board or metal file.  They never wear down, they never wear out....and besides they're cute!  Great gifts, great stocking stuffers.

ALL Crystal Nail Files are imported by me from the Czech Republic, accept nothing less.