Medium Crystal Nail Files



The Medium Crystal Nail Files, our most popular, is about 5 1/2 inches long and fits nicely in your purse. It can be used for any desired application (except please don't try to use it for a screwdriver.  

‚ÄčAll crystal nail files are imported by me from the Czech Republic...accept nothing less!

It will come witha black velvet-like sleeve.  Designer cases are available at an additional cost.

Remember: They leave your nails very smooth. they help prevent splitting, cracking and peeling. The never wear out. They never wear down. They're stronger than regular glass, but THEY ARE NOT GUARANTEED AGAINST BREAKING



Please understand that because most of the crystal nail files are hand painted / enhanced by me not all colors or designs are available at all times. Please be open to accepting a substitute that will be equally as beautiful. We promise you won't be disappointed.