Fantastic Foot File

Fantastic Foot File

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Are your tired, mistreated  feet ready for a little luxury, pampering and relief?

The FANTASTIC FOOT FILE is guaranteed to make your feet as soft and smooth as a baby's bottom.  Great for corns, calluses, and hard crusty heels. They're much kinder to your feet than a pumice stone or those horrid "cheese graters" that are often used in salons

Fantastic Foot Files are approximately 6 inches long and a little thicker and heavier than the regular files. The "grit" on each side is a little lighter than the other.  You can use them on wet or dry feet. Be careful not of overuse them initially.

They are available with Palm Trees or Flowers.

We take pride in our work. Each Crystal File is beautifully hand-painted. Designs may vary in availability. If a design is not available we will fill the order with one equally as beautiful.  We promise you won't be disappointed.

They're stronger than regular glass, but THEY ARE NOT GUARANTEED AGAINST BREAKING.